How to get Potato Streams Premium on Android, iOS and Amazon FireTV

Potato Streams Premium is a subscription-based live sports streaming app.

At Potato Streams Premium you can watch multiple, high definition links to all your favorite matches and PPVs.

It just costs you £2 per month on your phone and on your TV including firestick!

Potato Streams Premium now comes with a GUARANTEED 7 days free trial as well.

This means you can cancel your subscription in the first 7 days, and you will not be charged anything.


It is to be noted that we cannot take payments on the Potato Streams Premium app directly.

So, what you need to do is take a subscription using our partner app called “Standpoint”.

Below, we will tell you how to subscribe easily:

You can also contact us using the help section in the app if you face any issues while subscribing.

We pride ourselves on getting back to you immediately with a solution.


You can always click on this link to better understand the steps involved in installing Potato on Firestick.


A mere £2 per month!

Instead of spending £200 every month on various subscription platforms, you can get access to all your favorite sports in one place for just £2 per month.

In fact, you can save yourself even more money if you choose our quarterly subscription worth £5 or an annual subscription worth only £16.

Yes, for just £16 per year, you will be able to watch all your favorite sports and major PPVs from all over the world that are worth more than £2500.

And all of that too at just one place. The best deal ever, right?

Note – We will always have a free version of Potato Streams which you can download from here.

However, if you want the ad-free version with supremely better features and multiple HD links, then the Premium app is the way to go!

HD quality live streaming only on Potato Streams Premium
HD quality live streaming only on Potato Streams Premium


To save yourself more than a thousand dollars every year!

Take this for an example:

  • Subscribing to Sky Sports, BT Sports, and NBCSN every month to watch the English Premier League costs us more than £50/month.
  • But that ain’t all as you still have to miss out on all-important 3 PM kickoffs!
  • With Boxing and UFC being one of the biggest sports on the planet, the combined PPV cost of both of them exceeds £100 every month.
  • Oh, and if you are also an NFL and NBA fan, you can say goodbye to another 50-75 bucks every month, thanks to the crazy subscription rates at ESPN+.
  • Now, add all of the above, and you get a net spend of more than £200 per month to watch your favorite sports channels.

Let that sink in! £200 per month! Almost £2500 per year! And that’s after ignoring other popular sports and PPVs.

Now an average Joe or Harry might be able to afford some of these subscriptions while missing out on a few.

But, what if I told you, there’s a better and smarter way to watch all your favorite sports instead of getting ripped off by these massive organizations?

And this is where the Potato Streams Premium comes in!

The above points explain exactly why you need this app in your life.

So, hop on the train like thousands of fans in the UK have already done and download the app now.